A patient-derived discovery platform for companion biomarker development in prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer

Professor Lisa Butler

The University of Adelaide


2022 - 2024

The Research

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Australian men. Thanks to advances in early detection and treatment in recent decades, around 95% of men diagnosed will survive beyond five years. However, once prostate cancer has spread the five-year survival rate drops dramatically to just 30%.

Professor Butler and her team are currently testing a new drug for prostate cancer in clinical trials. The drug, called ribociclib, targets two proteins that are overactive in cancer cells helping to drive cancer growth and spread. The drug was recently approved for use in advanced breast cancer, and in earlier laboratory testing Professor Butler and her team found that ribociclib was also effective in prostate cancer.

In this project, alongside their clinical trials of ribociclib for prostate cancer, Professor Butler and her team will identify biomarkers that can be used to identify which patients this new drug is likely to benefit.


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