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cancer research

We promote the researchers. We empower the community.


Power to the people

Around the globe the fundraising process follows a linear model to get funds to researchers.  From there it moves through the science world to pharmaceutical and medical.

At Box Rallies we feel a huge part is missing. We want to highlight the research, how it is funded, put a spotlight on the researchers themselves and funnel this information back to the community.

Join us as we fund, highlight and communicate Australia's best cancer research.
James Freeman
Founder and ceo

Box Rallies in numbers

Launched in 2009 with our first rally taking place in March 2010, we now run 5 fundraising projects annually.

People fundraise with us every year
Cancer research programs funded to date
We aim to raise $8 million+ every year with all funds going to Cancer Council
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What researchers say

“I couldn’t have done this work without the Cancer Council New South Wales. It is an amazing opportunity to continue my research into the role 3-D DNA structure in endocrine resistant breast cancer and I would like to thank all the people who donated to Cancer Council.”

Dr Joanna Achinger-Kawecka
Garvan Institute of Medical Research

“Without the continual support from our community, in particular Cancer Councils’ donors and supporters, our research would not be able to continue realising potential beneficial outcomes for cancer patients. Your generous patronage enables the continuation of my research into stomach cancer, a cancer with poor survival, yet one of the most underfunded areas of cancer research.”

Dr Lorraine O'Reilly
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

“The support from the Cancer Council Community is paramount to our continued discoveries in cancer research. Having the community behind our endeavours provides not only the essential tools, equipment and hands to reach our goals, but is also provides a powerful source of motivation. Knowing our hard work is recognised and valued by the community really enhances our determination to find answers. Please keep backing us, we will continue to build on our discoveries and one day stop cancer in its tracks.”

Dr Michelle McDonald
Garvan Institute of Medical Research

“Thank you for your generous support of our research which is designed to provide breakthroughs in cancers of the pancreas, lung and soft tissue. Without your support we could not undertake our vital work.”

Professor John Rasko AO
Centenary Institute
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