Defining the circulating genome of high-risk plasma cell disorders to improve risk stratification and clinical management


Dr Sridurga Mithraprabhu

Monash University (VIC)


2024 - 2027

The Research

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a bone marrow cancer that occurs at several sites within and sometimes outside the bone marrow. It affects >2000 Australians annually and has a survival of 5 years, although the timeframes for relapse can vary. Notably, around 20% of newly diagnosed patients in Australia relapse within 1 year of starting treatment and die within 18 months. These patients are not typically classified as treatment-resistant or high-risk at diagnosis, as per current MM risk stratification guidelines (unmet need 1) and hence, receive the same therapy as standard-risk patients (unmet need 2). MM is a genetically complex disease with each patient’s disease sites harbouring unique genetic information. 

By exploring the genomics, we aim to better identify high-risk patients and guide the development of new therapeutic strategies, ultimately improving their chances of survival.


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