Developing a novel targeted therapy for treating chemotherapy-resistant leukaemia


Dr Jenny Yingzi Wang

University of Sydney


2022 - 2024

The Research

Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is an aggressive form of blood cancer with poor survival outcomes. While significant progress is being made in the treatment of other forms of leukaemia, improvements in AML treatment have been limited.

Dr Wang and her team recently uncovered a protein, known as GPCR, which is important to leukaemic stem cells. This protein is only found in leukaemic stem cells – not in normal human stem cells – which indicates the protein could be a promising target for a new AML treatment.

In this project, Dr Wang will investigate and detail how leukaemic stem cells are able to survive and renew, including the role of GPCR in this process. With this knowledge, the team will then develop a new treatment strategy targeting and inhibiting the GPCR and test its effectiveness in pre-clinical experiments.


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