Pan-cancer assessment of sensitivity towards novel selective oncogenic JNK inhibitors


Dr Sharissa Louise Latham

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research (NSW)


2024 - 2027

The Research

Metastases account for most (~67%) solid tumour associated deaths, with higher rates in cancers originating from the breasts, ovaries, colon and lungs. While many ‘anti-metastatic’ drugs have been identified, these drugs target the invasion or migration of cancer cells, which in the majority of clinical scenarios has already occurred by the time most patients are diagnosed and treated. This means that standard-of-care treatments for metastatic cancers continue to be limited to radiation and palliative systemic therapies. As such, there is both a need and an opportunity for the development of new strategies that prevent disease relapse, improve patient outcomes, and reduce cancer mortality by blocking the outgrowth of established metastases.  

This proposed research is therefore extremely significant and clinically relevant, as the team are pursuing the preclinical assessment and development of a novel class of drugs that aim to prevent cancer relapse by inhibiting the growth of cells that have already metastasised.


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