Protein Biosignatures for Predicting Recurrence of Stage II Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Lead Researcher: Dr Seong Beom Ahn

Institution: Macquarie University

Funding: $450,000

Funding Duration: 2023-2025


Currently, the risk of tumour recurrence in Stage II colorectal cancer (CRC) is predicted through unreliable methods that provide poor and uncertain guidance regarding patient prognosis. Clinically, the decision to treat or not treat with chemo-, radio- and/or immuno-therapies after surgical removal of a stage II CRC remains challenging.

The research

This proposal develops a tissue protein biomarker panel that identifies stage II patients who are at high risk of recurrence after surgery from those who are cured. This biomarker panel will allow doctors to make better clinical decisions regarding treatment of high-risk stage II patients.

The Impact

Dr Seong Beom Ahn and team’s research will change CRC patient clinical management. By being able to provide certainty, clinicians will make better-informed treatment decisions.


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