Targeting pancreatic cancer (PC) via anti-fibrotic NID2 therapy and Gemcitabine/Abraxane chemotherapy treatment: stratifying PC therapy

Pancreatic Cancer

Professor Paul Timpson

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research (NSW)


2024 - 2027

The Research

Due to surgically unresectable, advanced disease being present at the time of diagnosis, pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal forms of human cancer, with >90% of patient deaths occurring within 1 year of diagnosis. Systemic therapies are largely ineffective for inoperable disease. Recent work however at our Institute has shown that a number of patients harbour high levels of fibrosis, make them exquisitely sensitive to anti-fibrotic therapy. This may be enhanced by combination with gemcitabine/Abraxane and can only be seen when looking in live tissue.  

Consequently, the development of more effective strategies to maximise this new opportunity in pancreatic cancer is urgently required.


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