Office Manager

Penny Gordon

Penny is currently our Office Manager and a seasoned all-rounder as one of the Box Rallies team members for the past two and half years.

She organised the operations for Shitbox Rally Spring 2022 and Shitbox Rally Summer 2023, coordinated Cancer Cruise, and has also assisted Lauren with participant and fundraising queries.

What Penny says about Box Rallies:

“My role is far from boring as I never know what the day will bring when I walk through the door in the morning! 

I enjoy the opportunity to talk with people from all walks of life and listen to the stories they tell as to why they are participating in the rallies.

It is also humbling to know that what I do for a career assists the many researchers our participants raise funds for in the quest of finding a cure for cancer.

I am fortunate to participate in at least one rally a year giving me the opportunity to see parts of Australia that I would never have normally experienced and also meet some of the real characters in the outback together with our fantastic Box Rally team members.”

What the Box Rallies Team says about Penny:

“Penny is a very approachable person with a heart of gold.

She has endearingly earnt the nickname Mother Pen or sometimes Party Pen which captures her full of life, enthusiastic and vibrant side!

The title Office Manager doesn’t do her justice - she is an extremely knowledgeable Box Rallies all-rounder who can absolutely jump in and support the team in any area.

We love her can-do attitude and the overall air of joy she brings to the office.”