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Greg McPherson

What Greggy says about Box Rallies:

I’ve been volunteering and involved with Box Rallies since 2015 and I love supporting the teams that are raising funds for Cancer research.

It’s a great event which visits remote parts of the country which many people may never see.

It is always enjoyable to see peoples reactions to some of the places which we travel and the day to day adventures that they have on the road.

Everyone has a Cancer story and sharing that story either on the side of the road or over a beer at night is a great part of the event.

I’m proud to say that I am part of the Box Rallies Crew which helps raise these much needed funds.

What the Box Rallies Team says about Greggy:

Greg aka Greggy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and someone you want in your corner.

He is a well-known on-rally team member because he drives as Tail End Charlie, the sweep vehicle, always making sure nobody gets left behind. Both on and off rally he spends more time inside his car than out!

We love how dependable he is and his willingness to help others. When you need something, you can take one look around, and he’s already there asking “how can I help?”