Production - Photography

Josh Bystrom

Born on the Gold Coast of Australia, Josh Bystrom spent the majority of his youth in the water, first through local surf riders clubs, then as lifeguard for the City of Gold Coast.

This gave Josh the knowledge and ability to feel comfortable in waves of consequence, which became his medium of choice separating his imagery from others.

What Josh says about Box Rallies:

Josh started the Box Rally journey in 2018 seeking a change of scenery and a different kind of challenge. The Rallies have offered him a whole new sense of adventure and mateship in an environment he now absolutely loves.

Capturing lifelong memories of such incredible selfless people is something that he holds dearly as Cancer is something that has affected us all.

What the Box Rallies Team says about Josh:

Josh has a laid back and endearing nature. He is a very creative person and enjoys an Op Shop visit to get involved in a fancy-dress day!

He has a great eye and you’ll always find him popping up in random locations ready to capture every laugh and memory being made.

We love that he will do anything and everything to get the perfect shot – even if it means sacrificing himself!