Fundraising and Relationships Coordinator

Kimberly Young

Kimberly Young is our Fundraising and Relationships Coordinator and has been with Box Rallies since July 2023.

What Kim says about Box Rallies:

"Although I’ve only been with Box Rallies for a short time, the team quickly made me feel like I have always been here.

I love being able to get to know the participants throughout the year, their stories, their families, their passions in life, you get to know some truly inspiring people.

Everyone has a cancer story - whether it's your own or a family member or a friend, we all have one. Working at Box Rallies you get to be a part of so many people's stories and you really feel like you are making a difference."

What the Box Rallies Team says about Kim:

“Kim has a sweet and understated presence in the office but don’t be fooled by her quiet facade, her very dry sense of humour often has us in stitches.

She’s quirky, is devoted to her blue hair and loves a metal band t-shirt.

Often referred to as creative Kim, she has become our go-to writer (we really struggled to write this without her).

She has an excellent phone manner, is cool calm and collected and we love her eagerness to learn and grow.”