Production - Film

Nathan NcNeil

Nathan McNeil is a multi-award-winning adventure photographer & filmmaker based in the Scenic Rim in Queensland. Nathan is a firm believer that it’s not the places you go but the people you share those places with that make them special. Being a predominantly adventure/outdoor based photographer & filmmaker, Nathan is always looking to work with clients that allows him the opportunity to explore the great outdoors & to connect/work with a variety of individuals.

What Nate says about Box Rallies:

Since starting his journey with Box Rallies in 2018, Nathan has been lucky enough to explore every state & territory in Australia (mostly off the beaten track too!) & capture the stories of so many incredible humans as they rally together to raise funds & awareness for cancer research, an unfortunate common ground for rally participants.

Being a custodian of the stories that bonds ralliers together is a privilege & to be trusted to capture & share the experience of participating in a Shitbox or Mystery Box Rally is an honour.

What the Box Rallies Team says about Nate:

Nate is very hard working with an overall great work ethic. He really understands the dynamic of the rally and what we are trying to achieve.

His job isn’t an easy one - you can’t just put a camera in someone’s face and expect them to open up but he really has a way of making people feel comfortable and at ease.

We love Nate’s way of getting to know people and their stories and capturing the essence of the rally for everyone to look back on.