Macquarie University

Professor Mark Baker

Mark is a renowned Australian proteomic scientist who served as the Professor of Proteomics and Biochemistry in the Department of Medicine at Macquarie University in Sydney before his retirement in 2020.

With 45 years protein science experience Mark emerged as an eminent international figure in the new field of proteomics. He served the community as CEO of the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility Ltd (APAF), inaugural convenor of Proteomics Australia, co-founder of Australasian Proteomics Society, co-founder of International Cancer Proteogenome Consortium (ICPC), President of Human Proteome Organization (2015-7), Chair of Human Proteome Project (2019-20), co-Chair of Human Plasma Proteome Initiative (2012-5) and Chair of 9th HUPO Sydney World Congress (see photo) at which the global Human Proteome Project was launched.

Mark is the recipient of numerous awards and honours in recognition of his contributions to proteomics and molecular bioscience, including back-to-back Society for Free Radical Research Early Career Scientist Awards for work on protein oxidation in human disease and the prestigious Human Proteome Organization's Distinguished Service Award.

Mark continues to be research-active through a current Cancer Council of NSW grant (funded by Box Rallies) and through consultancies with a number of international major diagnostics and technology development companies. These focus on the commercialisation of advanced blood-based proteomics discoveries for the expeditious detection of cancers where uncovering the disease earlier really makes a survival difference for patients (e.g., stage I/II colorectal and early stage lung cancers).

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