University of Melbourne (VIC)

Associate Professor Daniel Buchanan

Associate Professor Daniel Buchanan leads a multidisciplinary team spanning molecular genetics and cell biology, bioinformatics, pathology, biobanking, epidemiology and clinical genetics.  The group leads a number of large, well-characterised and internationally unique CRC and polyposis cohorts including: 1) The ANGELS study (Applying Novel Genomic approaches to Early-onset and suspected Lynch Syndrome colorectal and endometrial cancers), 2) The Genetics of Colonic Polyposis Study (GCPS), 3) Sebaceous skin lesions and Lynch syndrome (Muir-Torre Study) and 4) The Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Registry (ACCFR).

The group’s key research areas include:

  1. Identifying novel genetic risk factors for CRC and colonic polyposis through genome-wide approaches including whole genome sequencing and the translation of new genetic findings into clinical testing for improved patient/family management, including the development of approaches to classify the pathogenicity of rare genetic variation in CRC and polyposis susceptibility genes.
  2. Improving diagnostic approaches for Lynch syndrome and other hereditary colorectal and endometrial cancer syndromes.
  3. Elucidating the aetiology and pathways of tumourigenesis to:

        -determine risks of malignant potential or risks of metachronous neoplasia

         -improve early detection

         -facilitate personalised prevention of colorectal cancer through genomic profiling of normal, premalignant and malignant colon tissue

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